Karmic's Healing

Client Testimonials

"I wanted to thank you for the Reiki that you sent me for my sinus headache. As you know I suffer from terrible sinus headaches. When we did the Reiki, on just my headache it gave me some relief, but when you focused on my sinus, all I can say is wow. I could feel the pressure, being relieved, and suddenly I could breathe, and the headache was gone with in approximately 1/2 hour. I am usually very skeptical of stuff like this, but you have made me a true believer. I will definitely seek you for Reiki anytime I get a headache, instead of the bottle of Advil. Thanks again."

Jill (Dublin, CA)

"I am a plumber doing manual labor 90% of the time as a result my back and most of my muscles hurt all the time. I would take Tylenol and other pain relievers as well as massage but nothing would relieve the soreness nor the complete exhaustion that i would feel. Shannon suggested for me to have a Reiki treatment and i figured what could hurt nothing else has worked so far. She brought her table and was very professional asked me a number of questions to get a better understanding of where i hurt and she had me lie down on my stomach. As she placed her hands on my back i felt a sensation that i had not felt in a long time peace and relaxation. That feeling grew as time went on and i actually fell asleep when i woke up i was pain free and energized to my surprise! I recommend her to anyone that is looking for relief from pain or just looking to relax and feel energized! Thank you Shannon for helping me!"

Will (Fremont, CA)

"Shannon: You are truly an ANGEL from GOD. I don't know exactly what you did but I am truly amazed, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the relief you are able to provide me from a distance. What boggles my mind is that we have never met and yet, you can provide me and my daughter with such relief....You truly are BLESSED with an awesome gift. I cannot thank you enough."

Mary (Las Vegas, NV)

"I have sought Shannon's amazing Aura Healing talents to help me cleanse myself, to free myself from the energies that I experience as both a healer and and empath. The same energy drains that many of us pick up without even being aware. I have a tendency to allow others to freely take from my healing well, and often find that I do not reserve enough energy for myself. Shannon has the ability to remove these ties that bind, releasing me to once again restore my energy. She also adjusts my aura so that my body can better heal itself. After a session with Shannon, I feel lighter, freer, and more energized! Her gift is a powerful tool, one that I appreciate and highly recommend experiencing for yourself."

Christine Morgan
Reiki Practitioner